What is an Online Business Manager and What Do They Do?


What Does an Online Business Manager Do?

An online business manager’s role is diverse and multi-faceted, encompassing various functions within a business. 


Some of the key areas an online business manager may focus on include:

Business Planning

The first step for any OBM is to understand the business they are working with. To create a comprehensive business plan, an OBM must learn about the business’s goals, objectives, target market, products, services, and financial situation. They help develop the business’s vision, mission, and goals and create a roadmap for achieving them.

Operations Management

OBMs help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency. They ensure that all business processes are well-defined, documented, and optimized. They may be responsible for managing customer support, billing, logistics, and other administrative tasks.


OBMs often oversee marketing activities for businesses. They develop marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising, to reach target audiences and increase brand awareness. They track and analyze marketing campaigns’ performance, making data-driven decisions to improve future campaigns.

Financial Management

An OBM may also manage a business’s finances, including creating budgets, forecasting revenue and expenses, and managing cash flow. They work closely with business owners to develop financial plans that align with the business’s overall goals.

Human Resources

An OBM may be responsible for managing the human resources function of a business. They may be responsible for recruiting and onboarding new employees, developing and implementing employee training programs, and overseeing employee performance.

Project Management

OBMs oversee various projects for businesses, ensuring that they are completed on time and within budget. They may work with contractors, vendors, and other third-party service providers to manage projects, track progress, and resolve issues.

The Benefits of Working with an Online Business Manager

Working with an online business manager can offer many benefits for businesses. 

These include:

Improved Efficiency

OBMs help businesses streamline their operations, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. They provide guidance on how to optimize business processes, automate tasks, and outsource work to third-party service providers.

Cost Savings

By optimizing operations and managing finances, OBMs can help businesses save money. They can help businesses identify cost-saving opportunities and make recommendations on where to invest in the business to achieve the best return on investment.

Strategic Thinking

OBMs provide businesses with strategic thinking and guidance. They can help businesses develop a clear vision and mission, set long-term goals, and create a roadmap to achieve them.

Increased Productivity

OBMs take on many of the day-to-day management tasks, allowing business owners to focus on the big picture. This can increase productivity, as business owners have more time to focus on growth and development.

The Role of an OBM

The role of an online business manager is becoming increasingly important as businesses continue to shift towards remote and digital operations. OBMs provide essential support to businesses, helping them to streamline their operations, optimize their performance, and achieve their long-term goals. 

Working with an OBM can provide businesses with a range of benefits, including improved efficiency, cost savings, strategic thinking, and increased productivity. If you’re a business owner looking to scale your business and achieve long-term success, working with an online business manager could be the right choice for you.

Ready to Discuss Hiring an Online Business Manager?

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