Client Reviews

Client Reviews From Upwork 


“Very thorough work. Fast turnaround.”


“Chrystal was terrific to work with, completing the task assigned on schedule, and exactly to the specifications. We look forward to working with her again in the future and highly recommend her.”


“Chrystal was a great asset to our project and once the project is back up and running full throttle we will definitely rehire her..”


“Formats quickly and accurately. We will gladly use her services again.”


“Fast working and very responsive to all communication. Highly recommended to any and all employers.”


“Chrystal is very helpful with excellent initiative. I will use her again.”


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Court Reporter Reviews for Editing and Proofreading


Thank you, Chrystal, for your prompt editing service.  You were very informative about your process, pricing, and billing for the project.  I appreciate your quick turnaround time in getting the project completed as well as your feedback. It’s nice to have a reliable editor on hand, and I will definitely recommend using Chrystal. ~Kim B.


Chrystal is a wonderful proofreader. Her keen eye and attention to detail has picked up things I would have totally missed. Quick turnaround time and fair pricing make her stand out from others. ~ Kelly M.


Chrystal is always there in a pinch, sometimes even over weekends!  Corrections are clear and easy to see, and turn- around, even for non-rush jobs,  is quick. ~ McKayla M.


Having been a reporter for 23 years and doing records without assistance, for the most part, in 2016, the workload was such that assistance was desperately needed and entered Chrystal.  Having tried scopists and a proofreader at one point along the way just to have that in place in the event it would be needed, it did not work out.  Being gun-shy at trying someone else, I was in need to bite the bullet, and I am so glad I did. Chrystal was God-sent, and I am so thankful to her.  The turnaround time is great, and the work she returns is of good quality. Thank you, Chrystal, for your professionalism, efficiency and your kindness.  -T. Nixon Official Shorthand Reporter 


Reviews for Virtual Business Assistant

Prompt. Quick turnaround. Easy communication. 10/10 would Recommend. – Samantha L.


My company grew very quickly, and there is just no way I could have kept up without C. Mahan Company right there with me. Not only committed to getting the job done exactly to specs, but the professionalism is TOP NOTCH, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Many thanks, and even more recommendations! – Jasmine E.


Chrystal handled everything from start to finish for an important project I needed completed. I was very impressed by her attention to detail and the way she took

charge. If you need any work done, Chrystal is the best person for the job. – Kimberly S.


Working with Chrystal was fantastic. She always responded quickly, completed important tasks on time, and does quality work. – Tavia R.


One of the most helpful virtual assistants I’ve ever utilized! Chrystal was always very professional, had amazing ideas and follow-thru, and just super efficient! – Wendy G.


She’s amazing! If anyone is considering giving her a try, do not hesitate! – Kind M H.


Chrystal Mahan is one of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with. She gives 110% no matter what she’s doing, and she can always be counted on to meet deadlines, answers questions, etc. If you’re looking for someone to provide you with excellent service and quality work, Chrystal is the one for you. – Nicole I. 


Accounting Reviews

Chrystal has always provided accurate detailed advice when I consulted her on accounting practices for my business. She has helped me get my taxes corrected after I messed them up and I thought I would have to pay a lot of money. Instead, she realized I missed so many ways to get money back on my taxes instead of having to pay. I appreciate her dedication to making sure all my business needs are addressed and my tax questions answered. Thanks, Chrystal! ~ Amber W. 


Over the last several years, I have gone through a ton of changes that affected my taxes and that have left me with a lot of questions. I have been through a divorce, marriage, college, job changes, and moving from one state to another. Through all of that, Chrystal has been the person I could turn to and get my questions answered quickly and professionally. ~ Heather M. 


Chrystal has been doing my taxes for many years. She is very thorough and quick, friendly, helpful, and professional. I would recommend Chrystal to my family and friends. ~ Kelly L. 


Chrystal helped me with so much tax mumbo jumbo when it came to my divorce and ex-husband’s future pension payout. She gave me some great advice and advised me on things that I needed to look into regarding some of the rules governing it! ~ Wendy G.


Chrystal was very knowledgeable, her experience and dedication saved me hundreds. I will definitely be dialing her up next year as well. ~ Tim W. 


Chrystal Mahan is very knowledgeable about taxes and taxation. It is a good thing because this is a subject that I would rather not have to tackle or even think about it. I have enjoyed many of her articles on taxes throughout the years, which shed light on concepts in a way I could understand. ~ Leisa Good, VA Coach at GBS Virtual Office Solutions 


Wonderful tax specialist who was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. She was attentive to my tax needs and graciously offered to help me prepare for next year’s tax filing. ~ Landi R. 



Employer Review


Christina Hooper

CEO/ Owner – Content Ninja and Sparkitive, LLC 


I’ve worked with Chrystal for years, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She is always professional, reliable, and efficient. She consistently meets deadlines and goes above and beyond to ensure that my projects are completed to the highest standard. 


She is also a master at keeping track of all our contractors and their schedules, preferences, and skill sets, making the project management process smooth and hassle-free. 


In terms of copywriting, Chrystal is excellent at understanding what the clients want to convey and consistently delivers high-quality work. She is also an amazing editor and does a great job of bringing the work of our less-skilled copywriters up to our high standards, along with regular spelling and grammar checks. 


She is also very knowledgeable on marketing. In our agency, we do a lot of diverse work for people, and she digs in and learns about StoryBrand, DigitalMarketer, and a variety of other niche marketing topics like Pedro Adao’s Challenge Framework and Ryan Levesque’s Quiz Funnels, to name just a few. 


She is a valuable resource for our team and has contributed significantly to the success of our marketing efforts. I highly recommend Chrystal to anyone in need of marketing, copywriting, or project management services. She is a true asset to have on any team.