A Solopreneur Offering Virtual Services to Businesses

Did you see my services listed under CMC Virtual Services? No worries. It is just me. I am not an agency. I do not have any employees. Once in a while my bestie will create some graphics for me — but I do not outsource the work clients give me! 

Chrystal Mahan

As a seasoned business professional with over two decades of unwavering commitment, I specialize in helping business owners like you streamline their operations. My mission? To free up your valuable time so you can focus on what truly matters: growing your revenue.

Why Choose Me?

Experience: With over 20 years of hands-on expertise, I’ve honed my skills through various roles, including serving as a Deputy Court Clerk, Accountant, and Digital Marketing Project Manager. This diverse background has equipped me with the insights to navigate complex legal landscapes.

Precision and Excellence: My dedication to precision and excellence ensures that your legal matters are meticulously handled. I’ve got you covered from contract drafting and compliance to keeping your books in order.

Trusted Expertise: Over the years, I’ve built strong relationships with clients who rely on my guidance. As your trusted business assistant, I’ll tirelessly safeguard your business.

Spark Your Success Now!

  • Detroit, MI
  • 989.372.0524
  • Cmahancompany@Gmail.Com
  • ChrystalMahan.Com

Professional Skills

Throughout my extensive business career, I have accumulated much experience showcasing proficiency across various essential disciplines. My professional journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence, and I derive pride from consistently delivering exceptional results in accounting, small business marketing, small business services, and a strong emphasis on legal virtual assistant services.



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