Transcription: General and Financial


*Categories                      Rush (<24hrs)          Expedite (24-71hrs)       Standard (72+hrs)

*A. Normal                           $1.75                             $1.25                           $1.00

*B. Difficult                          $2.00                             $1.50                           $1.25

*C. Hard                                $2.75                            $2.25                           $1.75


A: Normal. Audio with 1-2 speakers.  Audio is clear and clean. An example would be a speech or single-person interview.

B: Difficult. Audio with 3-4 speakers.  Audio with significant noise background and/or voices that are difficult to understand. This would be anything that makes it hard to hear or understand.

C: Hard.  Audio with 5+ speakers.  Audio with difficult terminology, thick accents, extreme background noise, or poor audio quality.


  • If you are unsure which category your audio would fall in, please ask for a listen quote.
  • * Up to 2 hours of audio. If you have MORE than 2 hours of audio that needs to be transcribed, please contact me first to ensure I have adequate time to do it. I do NOT outsource. I handle all the work myself.
  • If you need RUSH, please contact me before sending files to ensure I am available and not already working on another client’s file.
  • Rates are charged PER AUDIO MINUTE*. Turnaround time is based on time received, acknowledgment, discussion with the client, the number of speakers, and the difficulty of the audio.
  • Time coding is charged at the Group rate. Please let me know if you have a preference for a template or format.
  • Audio minutes are rounded up to the next minute, and prices are based on the turnaround time shown above.


I return the transcript with an invoice with Net15.


Communication is key, so please do not hesitate to contact me.