Transcription: General and Financial


*Categories                      Rush (<24hrs)          Expedite (24-71hrs)       Standard (72+hrs)

*A. Normal                           $1.75                             $1.25                           $1.00

*B. Difficult                          $2.00                             $1.50                           $1.25

*C. Hard                                $2.75                            $2.25                           $1.75


Transcription: Legal (25 Line & Colloquy Format)

*Categories                      Rush (<24hrs)          Expedite (24-71hrs)       Standard (72+hrs)

*A. Normal                           $2.00                             $1.75                           $1.25

*B. Difficult                          $2.25                             $2.00                           $1.75

*C. Hard                                $3.00                            $2.50                           $2.25


A: Normal. Audio with 1-2 speakers.  Audio is clear and clean. An example would be a speech or single-person interview.

B: Difficult. Audio with 3-4 speakers.  Audio which has significant noise background and/or voices that are difficult to understand. This would be anything that makes it hard to hear or understand.

C: Hard.  Audio with 5+ speakers.  Audio which has difficult terminology, thick accents, extreme background noise, or poor audio quality.


If you are unsure which category your audio would fall in, please reach out for a listen quote.


* Up to 2 hours of audio. If you have MORE than 2 hours of audio that needs to be transcribed, please contact me first to make sure I have adequate time to do it. I do NOT outsource. I handle all work myself.


If RUSH is what you need, please contact me prior to sending files to make sure I am available and not already working on another client’s file.

Rates are charged PER AUDIO MINUTE. Turnaround time is based on time received, acknowledgment, discussion with the client, how many speakers, and difficulty of audio.

Time coding is charged at the Group rate. If you have a template/format preference, please let me know.


Audio minutes are rounded up to the next minute, and prices are based on the turnaround time shown above.


I return the transcript with an invoice with Net15.


Communication is key, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.