Chrystal Mahan, author of Easy Accounting for the Self-Employed and Food Bloggers Tax Guide is owner of the website Self Employed Writer. Mahan has been working from home, off & on for over 13 years, solely for the last 6. Her latest book, Blogging for Dollars: Bloggers Tax Guide is an easy explanation for blogger when seeking tax advice.

She holds an Associates in Accounting degree, a Bachelors in General Studies degree with majors in Marketing, Business and Accounting.

She recently completed her Masters of Business.

Her website YUM eating shares her recipes from all food groups, photos, and more.

Darkness Falls is a book of poetry which touches the surface with her life-long battle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Chrystal has 23 (and counting) books published under a pen name.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and StumbleUpon.