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If you have found your way here, welcome. I am so glad you found me.

For a lot of you, this domain will come as no surprise. I have had it for four years (yes, four!) And never really did anything with it. I first purchased it when I realized that as I started to publish I really needed something to build my name instead of using Self Employed Writer, which was more about my freelance writing.

After some time I stopped writing on the site and ended up turning Chrystal Mahan into a business card website. Meaning, it just was a one page site with a bit about me and where to find me.

Over the years I have started and stopped many sites. I’ve been at this blogging thing a long time (like 1997!) and if things don’t work the way I want them to, I scrap the idea. Often I will buy a domain or start a blog on Blogger thinking I can really get with the name, and then after a while it just doesn’t really catch what I want it to. [Read more...]

The Results are In : Madison Reed Hair Color Review

madison reed review Last week I did a review on Self Employed Writer regarding this amazing hair color brand, Madison Reed. I wanted to give another review and a bit of an update; mostly because I can’t stop bragging about this awesome product! My hair is naturally a medium to dark brown. In the summer in the South it would lighten up quite a bit. Of course, I helped it a little for a while.  These days I tend to dye it a super dark brown or soft black. I wanted to try something different to see how it would turn out so I tried  Palermo Black – 3NVV [Read more...]

Shop Frugally from Home with ThreadUp & $10


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Shop from the comfort of your own home with ThreadUp and get $10.

I LOVE ThreadUp. I have been shopping there for kiddo since the site launched. When it first launched it was similar to a thrift shop on the web. In recent months it has gone through a shift in what they accept and now they accept Juniors and Women’s clothes, which is awesome! However, they stopped accepting store names like Kmart, Wal-Mart and Meijer and have stuck with top brand names like Gap, Tommy, and Justice. Which, is also awesome.  The only difference now is that some of the $2 and $3 bargains are a little harder to find. But, that is ok because I still find a lot of great deals.

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Results are In: #MeaningfulBeauty Restore by Cindy Crawford

meaningful beauty


I was excited to try this new Cindy Crawford product Meaningful Beauty Restore Creme de Serum compliments of Influenster. As I push closer to 40 (gasp) I realize that my fine lines are slowly starting to creep up on me. I haven’t had much luck in the beauty treatment department.

As a work from home writer I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about my slowly appearing wrinkles, but now that they have been pointed out to me, maybe I should!

Many beauty treatments leave my skin in rashes, burns or breakouts. I have oily teenage skin with some products and super sensitive skin with others.

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Who Doesn’t Love Free TV & Movies?

Giant Cinema   Welcome


Sometimes when you work from home, especially when you are first starting out, you often have to cut corners in other parts of life. When I made the decision to stop worrying about Corporate America and focus on school while working from home on of the things we had to do was cut some of our expenses. We got rid of our home telephone and our cable because that was our biggest expense that we could cut. We resorted to Hulu Plus and then added Netflix. I was able to get a student rate on Amazon Prime which gave us another set of shows to watch. I also have the ability to rent videos through Vudu.

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My Progress With Amazon FBA


my progress with amazon

For the few of you reading (hey, it’s ok, the site is new) I wanted to give an update on my Amazon progress.  As I mentioned last week, I was going to get started with Amazon FBA. After working so many years in retail, then putting in 10 years on eBay, followed by a BA then my MBA, I realized I really missed the sales aspect of life. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and really enjoy having my own business (of sorts) and really need a break from freelance writing (for others.) I felt Amazon FBA would be perfect for me because I did not have to worry about listing items, multiple trips to the post office and any of the day-to-day tasks of eBay.

I was also battling the flu bug. Yuck.

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I’m Getting Started with Amazon FBA

getting started with amazon


Raise your hand if you’ve ever sold something on eBay.

Quite a few of you.  How about Half.com? Not as many, but a few.

Now, how many of you have heard of Listia? It’s similar, but you shop with points and you gather those points in a variety of ways.

But did you know about selling on Amazon? Sure. But how many of us have attempted to sell on Amazon?

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