Chrystal Mahan: 

Legal Transcript Proofreader

About Me

I hold a diploma in accounting and a bachelor’s of science in general studies with a focus on leadership, accounting, and business. I also have a master’s of business administration degree. Each of these degrees required me to take extensive legal and ethics classes. In 2006, I began working for cities and townships as a Deputy Court Clerk, where I gained experience with legal transcription and proofreading for the courts. 

In 2015, I completed the Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course, based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters and The Gregg Reference Manual. This hands-on course spans 45 lessons with nine modules. It is currently the only transcript proofreading certification program available. Students are required to proofread over 50 practice transcripts with varying difficulty and topics, including medical. There are approximately 3120 practice pages.

Proofing Per Page

  • Standard Rate (72+ hours): $0.50
  • Expedite Rate (24-71 hours): $0.70
  • Rush Rate (less than 24 hours): $0.90

Proofing Per Page with Audio 

  • Standard Rate (72+ hours): $1.00
  • Expedite Rate (24-71 hours): $1.40
  • Rush Rate (less than 24 hours): $1.80


**Rates are subject to change.***


Excessive corrections may incur an additional $0.10 per page. *Any transcript that has more than 75% returned with annotations will be charged an additional $0.10 per page due to the extra time it takes to complete the job

Weekends: Please ask for availability.



Invoices are sent when the completed job is returned and are due within 15 days.  After 15 days, a late fee of 10% will be applied for each month that payment still needs to be received. I accept checks, debit, and credit cards via PayPal. Wave, CashApp, or Zelle are available upon request.


Business Notes

I do not have set office hours; however, I am in the EST time zone. I try to be flexible, so there will be times when I can offer some evening and weekend availability. 

I may not always be available to answer emails, especially when working on a job. Thank you for understanding.


Proofing Method

Please send your work in PDF, and I will use iAnnotate (or another annotation app/software) to markup directly to your document. I can then return the whole file or just the pages with markups..

Is your job complete and as close to turn-in ready as possible? 

Please understand that I am NOT a scopist. Before turning in a transcript, a proofreader should be the final set of eyes. Therefore, if your pages are messy, I reserve the right to charge +0.10/per page. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t have errors. No one is perfect; we are all human and make mistakes. But, the more basic mistakes I have to spend time correcting, the greater the chance that I will miss something, and neither of us wants that.


If you have concerns about proofreading with an iPad, check out this article: “Isn’t proofreading on an iPad less accurate on paper?


Everyone loves discounts, right?

Referral discount: As a thank you for referring your colleague to me, I will give you a 10% discount on your next 100 pages when I receive my first paid job from your referral. There is no limit.

Super clean rate: As a thank you for sending me super clean pages (less than 25% error free), I will reward you with a better rate. The more we work together, the better it becomes for both of us.