*****Court Transcription Proofreading*****

Proofing Method

iAnnotate and PDF, ASCII and text files.

PDF job returned with errors marked.

Please understand that I am NOT a scopist. A proofreader should be the final set of eyes before turning in a transcript. Therefore if your pages are messy I reserve the right to charge +0.05/per page . 
If you have some concerns about proofreading with an iPad, check out this article: “Isn’t proofreading on an iPad less accurate on paper?”


Proofing Per Page

Regular Client Rates

No Audio

Two calendar days (regular turnaround) : $0.35

Expert Witness / Medical Terminology : $0.40

*Rush : $0.50

Weekends : please ask for availability

With Audio

Two -three calendar days (regular turnaround) : $0.70

Expert Witness / Medical Terminology : $0.80

*Rush : $1.00

Weekends : please ask
**Rates are subject to change.***



Business hours are defined as Monday through Friday, 8am until 5pm EST. I am fairly flexible and can work later if needed. I do often work later into the evening, but do not count those as open office hours since I spend that time proofing.

I check emails through the day and evening. But, I may not always be available to answer emails after that time; especially if I am working on a job.

Regular turnaround is currently two business days. Rush is anything less than that.


*Rush moves you to the top of the line.

If you have a rush, please let me know ASAP so we can work out schedule details.  If you have weekend work, please let me know so we can discuss details. While I do take weekend work, I can’t take it all. So, let’s talk!

Invoice will be sent with return of job and are due within 15 days. I reserve the right to add late fee’s to invoices not paid in a timely manner. 

**** I reserve the right to add a transaction fee to any transcript that has obviously not been cleaned up prior to it landing in my hands. I’m here to be helpful; not to do it for you.****

My experience as a proofreader:

Undergrad and graduate papers (APA, MLA, and Chicago style)

Author books

Legal documents

Business plans and proposals

Grant forms for businesses and non-profits

Reference book used: The Elements of Style by Strunk and White


My experience in the legal field:

I currently have an associate’s in accounting, bachelor’s degree in business and master’s degree in business. My proof transcript experience is based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, and I often consult The Gregg Reference Manual. Another book I often reference is the classic The Elements of Style by Strunk and White.  I am willing to work with your personal preferences.

In my career I have experience with business and tax law and I was previously certified as a deputy court clerk for cities and townships.

My experience with proofreading involves depositions, hearings and rulings, and Examinations Under Oath, with a variety of topics such as medical, workers’ compensation, personal injury, etc. I also have experience with proofing grant proposals, business proposals and even books written by authors.

I’ve completed Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course, based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters and The Gregg Reference Manual. This hand-on course spans across 45 lessons with nine modules. It is currently the only transcript proofreading certification program available. Students are required to proofread over 50 practice transcripts with varying difficulty and topics; including medical. There are approximately 3120 practice pages.

If you are interested in my services, I would love a chance to work with you.